What Our Clients Say

  • Very Helpful and Informative.
    I used Skiles Jones for probate and I was more then pleased with the process. Skiles Jones was great and so very helpful, informative he help make the whole process so very easy. I would definitely recommend him.
    – Angela H.
  • Out of state client assisted.
    I have been working with Skiles Jones. I cannot say enough good things about how he and his team have handled my sisters will, and estate. I live in MD and my sister in Florida. I came on this firm just by doing a search. BUT when I first called in that sealed it. I told them about my sister passing and where I lived, etc. They took about 15 minutes on the phone telling me all the things I would need to do, be aware of, etc. THIS all before I even hired them. They then said if I needed anything to feel free to call back ( again before I even hired them. ) Of course I hired them right away just by what all they had done so far and how they treated me. After that they were extremely helpful in knowing the laws of the state of Florida and how everything need to proceed. They gave advice regarding here massive amounts of debt and other items as well. Very knowledgable and kept in touch with me at all points along the way. If I had a question, no matter how dumb it seemed to me, they would always get back to me quickly by email or phone or take my calls right away as well. Excellent service and I would HIGHLY recommend them and particularly Mr. Skiles Jones to anyone that needs services in the future.
    – Erick W.
  • Helped completed avoid concerns.
    Skiles Jones responded to a request I made to retain an attorney to handle an estate issue that surfaced since my Mother’s death. I had visions of complicated, time consuming filings and the bill that goes with them, but was prepared for both since it had to be done. During our five minute call Skiles mapped out a plan for me that completely avoided both concerns, but still put the estate issue to bed. No Charge! That’s Five Star performance, folks! Thanks, Skiles. You are at the top of my list should I ever need legal help again.
    – Jeff M.
  • Helped with a difficult situation.
    Skiles helped me resolve a difficult and prolonged probate situation. He responds quickly, is available to talk with you. He filed an objection for me at the time that was critical, saving my case. He attended hearings, and his price was so reasonable for all his work. Always nice. I would recommend him.
    – Sherrie T.
  • Makes the experience a pleasant, seamless one.
    I am very pleased with the services provided by Skiles Jones, I live in PA and needed assistance with an estate in Florida. Skiles made the experience a pleasant, seamless one. One of the most impressive things was the communication was over the top, no email or phone call went unanswered in a timely manner. Professional and Caring. Thank You!
    – Valerie B.
  • Highly Professional
    I dealt with my uncle’s estate in Florida with the help of Skiles Jones who was extremely efficient and dealt with everything in a highly professional manner. Thank you so much Skiles!
    – Beverley G.